Talking Veggies Description


This is our vegetables, fruits and herbs delivery with approximately 4 kg of Organic Veggies, a few fruits and some herbs.


NOTE: Packages with 4 or 8 boxes receive eggs.


If you buy boxes everyweek, you will receive vegetables, fruits and herbs.


This is really good to the enviroment because it's 100% produced in Thailand, there is no international shipping or carbon footprint on it. We also use organic soil to grow, what is good to the environment. You can buy by this link, or writing us. We deliver two times a week. Wednesday and Friday.


The box containg what is seasonal and what we have in our farm. It can be a surprise, allways tasty and delicious. If you want to try, contact us. It's yummy, good for the imune system and good for the planet.

4 Boxes - Talking Veggies - Chiang Mai

  • Selection with approximately 4 kg of Organic Veggies, fruits, and herbs.
    If you buy this, we will send you what is seasonal in our farms.

    You can not choose the vegetables, this is an environmental-friendly initiative.

  • We do not accept return. If any item was receive damaged, or out of standar, we will send another one to compensate in our next order.

    If it happens, please, write to our team and let us know how can we help you.

Contact us: +66 095-681-2831

Line ID: sunnyday_organic


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