The Tasty Fennel Head...

A lot of people were asking us, how to prepare fennel, well check this out..

This is a great recipe made by Alex Demand, Executive Chef of the Oxygen by X2 in Chiang Mai.

If you make at hope, please share the pictures and your family feedback about it! It is delicious!


· 5 fennel heads

· 4 shallot heads

· 5cl orange juice

· 2cl lemon juice

· 50gr butter

· 100gr sugar

· Puff pastry

· Salt

· Pepper

How to

-          Wash and cut 5 fennels of 1.5cm/piece then let them soak in lemon water

-          In a pan, melt 50gr of butter and 100gr of sugar to make a caramel then add 5cl of orange juice and 2cl of lemon juice on low heat until

all the juice has been incorporated in the mixture

-          In a pie mold, add the following in order: caramel, fennel on 3 layers then cover with a puff pastry

        -             Place the shallot heads in a alu foil with some olive oil and salt – bake together with tatin

-          Bake at 150 degrees for 40minutes

Thank you Chef Alex for the recipe!


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