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We are Sunny Days Organic. We grow organic food that tastes like heaven.

Our mission is to provide the most delicious, nutritive and fresh vegetables and fruits in Thailand.

Our clients are families that understand how important organic food is for the body, mind, and soul of those ones they love. We also have Michelin Star restaurants, famous chefs and Five Stars Hotels as clients. Our clients choose their suppliers very carefully, we are really proud to be the farm that families and professionals choose.

Healthy and delicious vegetables and fruits can also be part of our diet,

get in touch with us to know more about our vision and our production.

We are a group of 4 farms based in Chiang Mai, producing fruits, veggies, and fresh herbs. The 4 farms (Uraiwan’s Organic Farm, Yamamoto Farm, Suri Farm, and Solaria Valley) are either organic certified (ACT/IFOAM) or in the transition phase.

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